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Hello there and welcome to Have Blog Will Travel! What began as an online account of our travels through Europe in the fall of 2012 has grown into a place for travel inspiration and information, a creative outlet for storytelling and photography, and a resource for anyone wanting to make travel a priority in their life.

Have Blog Will Travel is a labour of love for Calli Duncan and Travis Huyghebaert, a couple from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Christmas 2013 in Prague

Christmas 2013 in Prague

Meet Calli. Business grad by day, pinterest addict by night, Calli is also an amateur photographer, makes a mean lemon-blackberry cheesecake, and wants to one day be a superstar knitter. Some of her favorite past travel moments  include soaring over Cappadocia, Turkey in a hot-air balloon and nearly keeling over from dehydration on a misguided hike to Sarajevo’s Olympic Bobsled Track.

Meet Travis. A true science aficionado, Travis can’t help but share plant and animal facts, including scientific names, at every possible turn. His loves include good beer, Chelsea FC, and eating anything he’s never had before. Travis’ favorite travel moments include catching crocodiles in the Belizean rainforest and hiking through Plitvice National park in Croatia.

After kick-starting a life centered around travel there isn’t anything else we’d rather do than go somewhere we’ve never been before – and of course share every moment with you! Now that you’ve found us, please feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.


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