Beautiful BC from A to Z: J is for Journey to the Centre of the Universe

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To say coming up with a topic for the letter J was difficult would be an understatement. So today we are going to have a bit of fun with a quirky BC themed attraction.

There are many interesting sites you can visit in my hometown of Kamloops, however none are as mysterious as the Centre of the Universe. While the name may lead you to think of outrageous admission fees and turnstile entrance gates, this is actually a very rustic, isolated, and spiritual place.

As the story goes…

On a snowy November day in 1980, a man dressed completely in white robes arrived at Vidette Lake in Deadman Valley 30km east and 50km north of Kamloops, BC. He introduced himself to the then owner of the Vidette Lake Gold Mine Resort as an apprentice monk who had been sent from San Fransisco to verify the existence of the Centre of the Universe, which he claimed to have found. Not knowing what was happening the owner replied “Welcome my friend” and invited him into his cabin, a former 1860’s Fur Trading Post.

Tibetan monks believe that the Centre of the Universe is located on Earth. Using a variety of tests the apprentice monk verified that this could be the Centre of the Universe and returned to report back to his Master Teacher. Four years later, in 1984, the Master Teacher, with an entourage of followers, visited the site and conducted more tests. He confirmed that this was indeed the Centre of the Universe.

Since this time, monks and others seeking enlightenment continue to visit the site. Ironically, unbeknownst to the monks, this site had been a special place for the local First Nations people to visit for over two hundred years.

For more information about visiting the Centre of the Universe, check out the Tourism Kamloops website here.

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