Calli’s Photo Feature 14.10.2013

Budapest’s beautiful architecture and bridges inspired Travis and I to head out after dark to take in the glimmering waterfront and try to capture it on camera. After scouting some vantage points during the day, we returned under the cover of darkness only to find one extremely large and obnoxious river cruise boat parked in our best spot!

Moving down the promenade we managed to find another, perhaps better, vantage point to set up our little tripod, and we proceeded to try and remember everything we’d read about night photography online just hours earlier. Budapest by dark is very romantic, and had Travis and I not been squatting on the ground engrossed in the task at hand, we may have even stolen a kiss or two.


The Chain Bridge and Palace


Details of the Chain Bridge

After playing around with the camera for a bit, we were pretty pleased with ourselves as it looked like we may have somehow snagged some great photos.  Engulfed with a strong sense of euphoria, and feeling a bit cocky, we stopped on a meridian at the foot of the chain bridge to try our luck shooting the light trails left by passing cars.


Light trails left by cars from the underpass


A blur of red and blue from a passing police motorcade

Having now played around with low light photography a bit this trip, as well as a little on our last trip in Kotor, Montenegro and Riomaggiore, Italy, we now have a better understanding of how to use the camera, and we have been forced to move out of auto and into manual mode where there are a lot more variables to control. At times, this is very frustrating, and I want to pack up and go home; however, it is also very exciting when the hard work and effort pays off and you get to go home with a great photo.


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