Calli’s Photo Feature 16.12.2013

For this week’s photo feature, I wanted to share a picture from our incredible hot-air balloon ride.  While we’ve already shared every magical moment, minute by minute, in a previous post, as well as a dozen of our best pictures from the day, here’s another side of the balloon tour we haven’t really talked about.

When preparing our balloon ride post, this photo presented the common problem of one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other. As with our writing, we want the photos in our posts to flow well and relate to the themes we discuss. However unlike the rest of our photos from the balloon ride, which are bright and cheerful, featuring clusters of brightly hued balloons, this photo just didn’t fit. While the pictures we used represented our feelings during the 60 minutes we spent in the air – jubilation, joy, excitement, energy – this photo has an entirely different feel.

In addition to feeling the thrill of soaring over Cappadocia,  at times we also felt isolated, small, and insignificant. Although we didn’t talk much about this while raving about the balloon ride, this photograph encapsulates all of those feelings. Of the hundred or so photos I took while up in the air, only a handful have less than five balloons in them. This is the only one with a single balloon. It was so rare to see a balloon on its own, and then the sky opened up…


Not wanting to randomly throw this picture into a post where it didn’t fit (for no other reason than fondness) I’m sharing it today. I’d love to hear what you think!

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