Calli’s Photo Feature 21.10.2013

As I try to improve my photography skills on this trip, I have been working on being better “prepared” for shots that come up unexpectedly. Instead of quickly switching back to the safety of auto mode, I have been making a conscious effort to ensure my camera is on one of the manual modes and is set properly for the lighting conditions I find myself in, ready to snap a photo whenever the opportunity arises.

This photo came about in just this fashion. While absentmindedly wandering back to our hotel in Maribor, Travis and I came across a man playing his accordion in an underground passageway. I was immediately halted mid stride by the absence of other people in the area, the way the colours from the graffiti covered wall behind him popped, and the dim lighting that made the passageway appear to stretch on forever. Gesturing to Travis to stop for a moment, I quickly composed my shot before the man noticed we were there. One quick photo and we continued on our way, unnoticed, only after emerging above ground did I steal a glance down at the preview screen to see what I’d captured.


The Accordion Player (Maribor, Slovenia)

Unfortunately, later I realize that in my excitement to snap the photo we didn’t stop to drop a few coins into the accordion player’s basket. It’s a shame as his music was really quite lovely.

If you ever find yourself in Maribor, enjoying this man’s beautiful music, please pass along a few coins from me, I’ll be forever grateful!

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