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The structure is strengthened by scaffolding as they determine the best way to stabilize the temples

Gozo – A Busy Day on a Small Island

In addition to zipping around the island, visiting charming fishing villages and medieval fortified cities, we received a lot of recommendations to …


A Magical day in Pamukkale

When planning our trip to Turkey, Pamukkale was one site we did not want to miss. Along with the likes of Cappadocia’s …

The origin of the names, Red and Rose Valley, comes from the amazing colour of the cliffs

Hiking in Cappadocia

After taking a hot air balloon ride, perhaps the most quintessential Cappadocian experience is hiking through the spectacular landscapes that abound in …

Just one of the countless narrow streets of Baščaršija

Sarajevo – A World Apart

As we mentioned in our previous post, landing in Sarajevo was a surreal experience. Here we were, only a 40 minute flight …

old sarum 4

A Trip to Old Sarum

After exploring Stonehenge, we decided to take advantage of our tour bus’ optional stop at Old Sarum and hopped off, hoping to …