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Gallery Boy and Arrow_mini

Srebrenica 19 Years Later

The entrance to Sarajevo’s Gallery 11/07/95 is unassuming, tucked away off a small square with little more than a poster-board sign indicating …


Best of the Balkans

We considered titling this post “Best of the Countries of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”, but it just didn’t flow …


Sarajevo in Pictures

With six nights in Sarajevo, Travis and I were able to slow down our travel pace a little, catch up on some …

Just one of the countless narrow streets of Baščaršija

Sarajevo – A World Apart

As we mentioned in our previous post, landing in Sarajevo was a surreal experience. Here we were, only a 40 minute flight …


Calli’s Photo Feature 29.10.2013

Sarajevo posed some challenges when it came to photographing people. In addition to being distracted by the bullet riddled buildings, exotic architecture, …