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Bath – A City of History

As the only British city to be regarded in its entirety as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is undoubtedly one of …

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A Trip to Old Sarum

After exploring Stonehenge, we decided to take advantage of our tour bus’ optional stop at Old Sarum and hopped off, hoping to …

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The Mystery of Stonehenge

Standing amid the towering slabs of rock it’s impossible not to wonder, as millions have before you; why here, in the middle …


Victoria’s Secret Hits London

Glossy black, lacquered fuchsia, and sparkling chandeliers – Victoria Secret epitomizes everything girly (positive body images excluded). However, their new European flagship …

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Relaxing in Salisbury

After 116 days, 5 night buses, a night train, and, well, everything else that goes with traveling for an extended length of …