Destination Anticipation – Hungary

Although we are sad to be leaving Poland after nearly three weeks, we are brimming with anticipation for our next destination. Hungary will be the fourth new country (and fifth total) we are visiting on this trip, and it is definitely a place we’ve heard wonderful things about. Although we debated about titling this post “Destination Anticipation – Budapest” as is the only place we will be staying; however, we are firmly committed to exploring some of the other regions of Hungary as well – albeit in daytrip-sized chunks.

The Parliament building in Budapest

The Parliament building in Budapest

For us, Budapest is a city of real intrigue. Passionately called the “Paris of the East”, it is a city that we hope and expect will live up to its reputation. A World Heritage Site in its own right, Budapest offers culture and adventure at a bargain-basement price, and we are definitely looking forward to making some great memories there.

What are we most excited about seeing and doing in Hungary?

Calli has done her research and is definitely excited about taking Travis on a “sweet” adventure through the city as well as a taking a cruise up the Danube. Travis is excited about seeing some of the small towns along the Danube bend and can’t wait to explore Fisherman’s Bastion.

Fisherman's Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion

Have you ever been to Budapest or anywhere else in Hungary? Leave us your tips and interesting places to see in the comments!

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