Destination Anticipation – Malta

For us, Malta will mark a milestone – our 30th country visited – and like so many of the others we’ve made the time and effort to visit this trip, we go not really knowing what to expect. This small island, only slightly larger in area that our hometown, has a disproportionately extensive history and more interesting sites than we can even list.

With temples predating the pyramids by over 1000 years, gorgeous sandy beaches, and enough churches to make an Italian feel inadequate, Malta packs a ton into its tiny frame.

A view of Valletta, Malta's tiny Capital

A view of Valletta, Malta’s tiny Capital

The Azure Window on the island of Gozo

The Azure Window on the island of Gozo

Having already discussed our burnout, we aren’t sure how exactly we are going to tackle this tiny island. Will it be laying on the beach or ATVing around old temples? Walking the palm-lined promenades or kayaking the crystal blue coves? Hopefully a mix of both!

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