Destination Anticipation – Northern Ireland

After a warm and sunny week in Malta we are sad to be moving on, but excited with the opportunity to finally explore one of our most anticipated destinations – Ireland. With only 13 days to explore this amazing island, we will be hard-pressed to cram everything we want in – but we are definitely going to try our best!

The first 6 days of our time on the island will be spent in Northern Ireland. Our original plans did not include a stop in Northern Ireland, but after finding an amazing deal from Malta to Belfast, we figured we should take the opportunity to try something new and be a bit more spontaneous.

The amazing city hall in Belfast.

The amazing city hall in Belfast.

Traditionally known more for the “Troubles” than tourism, Belfast and the other amazing parts of this small region of Ireland are beginning to register on more than a few itineraries, and we are very excited to see what this area has to offer. From the Giant’s Causeway to a Black Cab tour of Belfast to a wander around “Free Derry” – we are expecting to have an absolute blast. Now if only the weather will cooperate…

The UNESCO listed Giant's Causeway

The UNESCO listed Giant’s Causeway

Have you ever traveled to Northern Ireland? What should we be sure to see? Let us know in the comments!

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