Destination Anticipation – Poland

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle near Gdansk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (via)

Moving on from Berlin, a city we’ve become quite familiar with, we’ll be venturing into the not-so-familiar country of Poland. With over two weeks set aside to explore, we will be seeing as much of Poland as possible — visiting small, charming towns such as Poznan and Wroclaw, and larger and larger urban centres such as Warsaw and Krakow.



For us, Poland represents an untapped gem in Central Europe. With fourteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, delicious food, and a fascinating and tumultuous past, we know we will have our hands full trying to get a feel of both past and present day Poland.

What are we most excited about doing and seeing in Poland?

Keeping an open mind in a country she knows little about, Calli is excited to learn more about Poland and take in some of the beautiful historical town squares she sees online, while Travis is excited to try some authentic Polish cuisine and visit as many UNESCO world heritage sites as possible. Hopefully you will have fun following along as well!

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