Istanbul in Pictures

These last few posts about our time in Istanbul may be the most photo dense yet. As much as we loved the city, it equally loved the camera, making for hundreds and hundreds of photo opportunities. Not since Iceland have we been so trigger happy with the camera.

Although we tried our best to cram as many of these pictures in our posts on Istanbul’s neighbourhoods, Mosques, and bazaars, we still have so many pictures left over. We will share everything on Flickr, eventually, but until then, here are a few more shots of our time in Istanbul.

Istanbul-33_miniIstanbul-23_mini Istanbul-14_mini Istanbul-57_mini Istanbul-13_mini Istanbul-10_mini Istanbul-2_mini Istanbul-18_mini Istanbul-26_mini Istanbul-30_mini Istanbul-19_mini istanbul-24_mini Istanbul-15_miniWe thoroughly enjoyed our time in Istanbul and can’t wait to return one day – if only so Travis can try a “wet burger”. We promise this is our last post on Istanbul until we wrap up our time in Turkey, only two short weeks to go!

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