Vik is for Lovers

A few hours after we excitedly explored the glacial lagoon at Jökulsárlón, Travis again tempted fate and crept too close to the crashing waves while wandering the black shoreline in Vik. Caught off guard for the second time that day, his shoes and pant hems were drenched; however, a little wet clothing couldn’t distract from the beauty of Vik’s coast.

Vik is a tiny coastal town (the southermost in Iceland) that we had planned on visiting ever since we decided to go to Iceland. Surrounded by jagged green cliffs and a beautiful black sand beach, Vik is arguably one of the most idyllic places we’ve ever beenVik town Vik Beach 1 Vik Beach 3

Stretching our legs from the long drive to Jökulsárlón, we wandered along the beach. The wind was strong, but the sun was shining as we marveled at the size of the crashing waves. Some say it’s because there’s no landmass between Vik and Antarctica, and others say its the Trolls lost at sea, but whatever the case the waves are breathtaking.

Breathing in the salty sea air and concluding that black beaches are the prettiest beaches, we discussed the feasibility of simply staying put, relocating permanently to this charming seaside town (if it wasn’t for the fact that it could be destroyed at any minute as it sits below a glacier with a very active volcano underneath it). Maybe one day.

vik beach 4 us at vik beach vik beach 2

After an hour wandering the shores in Vik, we moved down the coast, and back towards our accommodation for the night, with stops at Reynisfjara and Dyrholaey, two well known nesting grounds of the Puffin. Unfortunately the allusive little bird was nowhere to be seen, leaving Travis a little heartbroken – we will get you next time Mr. Puffin!

Turning our attention away from bird watching, we explored the basaltic columns at Reynisfjara (similar to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland – a place we hope to visit later on our trip), and took in some incredible panoramic views atop the cliffs at Dyrholaey, where we again were taken aback by the incredible size of the crashing waves.


Reynisfjara 2 Black ocean Crashing waveThe south coast of Iceland is truly an unforgettable region. The black sand beaches feel hauntingly beautiful, socked in with dense fog, mist swirling through the air, with waves crashing with tremendous force. And although we had to move on to the capital of Reykjavik to return our rental car the next day, I have a good feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this region.

Check out this video we shot of the crashing waves!


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