Whirlwind Tour of Copenhagen

Comfortably nestled into our apartment rental in Berlin, I’m amazed to think about the flurry of activity that happened today. After waking at 3:45am to catch a bus, to catch another bus, to the airport outside Reykjavik, we boarded a plane for Copenhagen and landed before most people had sipped from their second cup of coffee.

With an eight hour stop over before our flight to Berlin we decided to get out and explore Copenhagen to the fullest, and after allocating enough to time get downtown and back to the airport for check-in we were left with a good four and a half hours to wander about.

Copenhagen 2

As far as beautiful cities go, Copenhagen is near the top of any list of places we’ve had the pleasure to visit. Every building in the historic centre is meticulously maintained and with four palaces in the vicinity as well as churches, parks, and landmarks, there seems to be an ornate spire, overly groomed garden, or grand building around each corner.

We were lucky to be graced with sunshine during most of our visit, a pleasant departure from Iceland’s fog and misty rain, and couldn’t help but feel cheerful thanks to the warm rays mixed with colourfully painted exteriors. After wandering for a few hours we ducked into a small pastry shop to taste an authentic danish pastry, which was deliciously sweet and tasted of cinnamon, not like the fruit filled variety we are used to at home.

Copenhagen 5 Copenhagen 1Copenhagen 3Copenhagen 7

Finally it was time to make our way back to the airport, and our timing couldn’t have been better as a few short hours in Denmark did a number on our wallets. After grabbing a meal in Berlin tonight I can’t believe how expensive Iceland and Denmark are in general, backpacker friendly they are not unfortunately.

Although we arrived back at the airport with plenty of time to check in and find our departure gates, the adventure didn’t stop. Sadly Travis has been suffering from a migraine headache since early in the morning, which culminated with him getting sick on the airport floor, after which we completely forgot to remove our laptop and his wallet from the scanning tray in airport security – upon realizing this about thirty minutes later we (mostly me) panicked, ran back to security (again, mostly me), and retrieved the forgotten items (all Travis).

However I’m happy to report that through all this excitement we have now safely arrived in Berlin, found our apartment, enjoyed two incredible Turkish doner kebabs, and are ready to catch up on some sleep.

We will catch up on our Iceland posts tomorrow, including the extremely exciting World Cup  qualifying match we attended last night in Reykjavik, it was a nail biter to the finish!

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